Specialist Physiotherapist Lucinda Davies helps everyday aches and pains that can quickly turn into a debilitating condition. It is always best to get advice and treatment sooner rather than later to avoid this. This is particularly important if you are training for an event or struggling to work due to your injury. Early treatment usually results in a quick recovery.

Our clinic is based in Overbury and covers Tewkesbury, Bredon, Evesham, Worcester, Cheltenham and Pershore.

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  • Over 10 million people in the UK suffer from headaches. Experts have suggested there are over 300 different types of headache. More and more we are seeing the eviden

  • Knee pain…..it’s pretty common and often generates the panic of arthritis and fear. It’s easy to then go into a protective mode of well i can’t do anything now

  • Why Pilates? The medical world has now realised the benefits of Pilates for injury prevention and rehabilitation. 80% of adults will experience back pain at some sta