We offer a wide range of physio treatments to suit individual needs. You can find out more about each treatment by clicking on the options below.

Get the Right Treatment for You

When left unmanaged, a high proportion of people will continue to experience their aches and pains into the future. That’s why we always recommend acting quickly. Depending on your needs, your treatment plan will be tailored to you by your selected therapist.

We have such a wide range of physio treatments available, from hand therapy to acupuncture, reformer Pilates to Shockwave Therapy. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Why Choose Pro-Active Physio Pilates?

Our friendly team is highly qualified and has a wealth of expertise in musculoskeletal outpatients, ranging from office workers with postural aches and pains to elite sports rehabilitation. Working with all ages, we believe that great manual therapy skills and rehabilitation are critical for long-term resolution. We fully involve our patients in their management and physio treatments, optimising recovery.

We’re passionate about making a meaningful difference to people’s lives, allowing them to get back to doing what they love. Our team of specialist physiotherapists and Pilates instructors take the time to really get to know you and your lifestyle. This way, we can design a bespoke plan that not only treats the problem but fixes the issue long-term in a way that suits you. Not only do we take this holistic approach to care, but we also ensure to take a clinical, hands-on approach to treatment, using evidence-based practice.

Here at Pro-Active Physiotherapy and Pilates, our physiotherapists are Chartered (CSP) and are members of the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council). So, you know that when you choose us, you are choosing quality care.