Back Pain

Back pain can be an acute sudden onset or chronic over a number of years. Both respond well to back pain physiotherapy.

Did you know that between 60-80% of people in the UK suffer from some sort of back pain episode in their lives? Plus, these episodes have a 50% chance of reoccurrence, if not acted upon quickly.

Most of the time, the reason for back pain isn’t always clear. However, common factors that might result in symptoms range from a simple soft tissue strain or poor posture, to lack of exercise, stress and not enough sleep.

Back pain physiotherapy is very effective in treating the issue. Pilates has also shown to bring significant long-term improvements in reducing the incidence of reoccurrence and managing chronic symptoms.

Although back pain can be severe and cause a lot of anxiety, it is often simple to treat especially when addressed early. We are highly-skilled in assessing your injury and advising you on what you can and can’t do to best reduce that anxiety in the knowledge that you will not do any damage.

Here at Pro-Active Physio Pilates, we will work with you to curate a bespoke treatment plan, dependent on your needs. We take the time to really get to know you, your lifestyle and your goals. We’re firm believers in getting to the root of the issue and not only treat it, but prevent it from coming back long-term.


Sciatica is pain transferring to one or both legs and can occur with or without accompanying back pain. Sciatica can also occur with pins and needles, numbness and lack of power. People can experience all or just one of these symptoms. Early treatment is key to successfully resolving the injury, which is caused by the nerve being compromised.

Your private physiotherapist will be able to identify where the issue is with the nerve and treat it. If necessary, your physiotherapist can also organise an MRI scan to get a deeper understanding and rule out anything more serious if required.

Back Pain Physiotherapy at Pro-Active

Taking a holistic approach to recovery is what we do. The aim is to get you back to your normal self so you can do what you love! Taking the time to get to know you, our physiotherapists will design a plan that is unique to you. At your initial assessment, we will discuss the problem and any potential related injuries and any relevant medical history. We will fully examine the problem area, diagnose the issue and talk you through your options.

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