Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses a multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art device that emits an acoustic wave to relieve pain and restore mobility. As a non-surgical treatment, shockwave therapy speeds recovery and helps to treat injuries causing acute or chronic pain.

The acoustic wave emitted by the shockwave device carries high energy to injured areas of the body, targeting musculoskeletal tissues. The shockwaves promote the restoration of bones, tendons, soft tissues and cell growth in the affected area.

Is Shockwave Therapy Right for Me?

Here at Pro-Active Physio Pilates, our physiotherapists are trained in shockwave therapy and can treat conditions such as:

Chronic inflammation

Tennis elbow

Hip pain

Knee pain

Shoulder pain

Back pain

Blood Vessel Formation

Shockwave therapy can promote new blood vessel formation, improving blood supply and oxygenation of the targeted area. This, in turn, helps injuries heal faster.

Collagen Production

The treatment can help the production of collagen and encourage these fibres to form a structure. These structures create a firmer structure within the tendons.

shockwave therapy
Calcium Build-up

When calcium builds up on the tendons, it can result in micro-tears or other injuries. Shockwave therapy breaks up these calcifications into granular particles which are then removed by the lymphatic system.

Why Choose Pro-Active Physio Pilates?

We are one of the only physio clinics in the area that offers this treatment. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and will work with you to not only treat the problem but keep the injury from reoccurring. Many chronic pain patients worldwide report that they go through many treatments with little effect. However, up to 80% of these patients have stated that shockwave therapy has helped relieve the problem.

Here at Pro-Active, we’re passionate about helping you live the life you love. So, we will spend time getting to know you, your medical history and your symptoms so that we can design a bespoke treatment plan that suits you.

shockwave therapy