Injury identification and prevention

Many sports injuries can be predicted before they occur, particularly overuse injuries. This is achieved by a thorough assessment of posture, flexibility, strength, coordination, and biomechanics and then an effective re-education exercise program implemented.

It is also possible to predict more acute injuries, particularly to the knee. Over the last 20 years, a wealth of research has been focused on ACL injury prevention. Prevention programs have been shown to decrease the incidence of catastrophic knee injuries, as well as improve athletic performance.

Research has demonstrated that with a specific 6 week training program athletes can increase jump height, decrease harmful landing forces at the knee, improve strength, control and balance, all of which correct biomechanics associated with injuries such as an ACL tear. A series of tests are performed to provide a score of the likelihood of lower limb injury, then a specific 6 week exercise program is prescribed accordingly. The test is then repeated after 6 weeks to assess the percentage improvement of risk factors.