Community Rehabilitation

Here at Pro-active, we are lucky enough to have just recruited the newest member of our team, Lucy Martin – a Band 4 Assistant Practitioner, who’s now offering community rehabilitation for a range of issues.

Lucy has diverse experience in treating multiple conditions, including:

Orthopaedic post-operative (both elective and trauma)


Stroke rehabilitation

…and many more.

She is qualified in the identification and prevention of falls in older people in-line with the NICE guidelines on falls prevention and has a diploma in therapeutic massage for osteoarthritis, extensive experience in end-of-life care, as well as Tai Chi in older adults for balance and strength training.

What is community-based rehabilitation?

Community-based rehabilitation is, in essence, rehabilitation in your own home or place of residence. Having community rehabilitation means that we can work around you and your lifestyle. We’ll create a bespoke treatment plan that will assess your needs and get you back to doing what you love.

For more information, and to book your appointment, please call us on 01386 298058 or email

Following your enquiry, a physiotherapist will call you and discuss the issue(s), and undertake an initial assessment to create your bespoke plan. You will then be seen in your own home by Lucy at a time that suits you.

What conditions do we see for community rehabilitation?

We see a large variety of patients in their home environment, wherever that may be. Examples of the conditions we see are:

Reduced mobility, including assessing for and issuing walking aids and gait re-education, including outdoor mobility practice and stairs

Joint stiffness/arthritis, including prescribing appropriate exercises, as well as hands on treatment such as massage and mobilisation techniques

Identification, assessment and prevention of falls as per the NICE guidelines

Reduced balance, including exercise prescription for this and Tai Chi if required

Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and other neurological issues (not acutely, as this requires specific neuro physio intervention)

We also offer:

Issuing equipment aids such as toilet seat raises, chair raises, long handle grabbers, leg lifters for getting in and out of bed

Manual therapy such as massage, passive stretches for example post stroke and arthritis

Therapy in managing end of life care

What can you expect from our visits?

With consent only, conversations with family and carers to make sure we understand the wider picture

Any referrals to other multi-disciplinary team members required in order to complete the bespoke rehabilitation pathway. When appropriate, and with consent, we will discuss with your GP too

Follow up visits to achieve progressive rehabilitation, realistic time goals and expectations, and provide any specialist equipment

A planned programme of physiotherapy tailored to the patients physical and mental needs

A full assessment including establishing current physical ability comparably to pre illness or injury and identifying pathways to recovery

An initial assessment will last for 1 hour, and a follow up appointment will be 45 minutes

Charges for Community Rehabilitation

Initial assessment: £65 (1 hour)

Follow up: £55 (45 minutes)

Within 5 miles of GL20 7NT is complimentary, past this radius carries a £1.50 per mile charge (for the return journey back to GL20 7NT only).

For more information, and to book your appointment, please call us on 01386 298058 or email

About Lucy Martin

Lucy has over 17 years of experience as a physiotherapy assistant, mainly in the NHS where she worked as a Band 4 Advanced Practitioner. More recently, she has run the rehabilitation services in a group of care homes locally delegating to three other therapy staff.

Lucy has also completed a BSc Physiotherapy degree level module in ‘The effect of prehabilitation physiotherapy in Total Knee Replacement outcomes’. This was done in the NHS alongside clinic founder Lucinda Davies who at the time completed a masters MSc in the same topic. Lucy was in charge of implementing and running the pre and post operative rehabilitation  and evaluating outcomes.

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