Using the latest advice from our professional bodies, the CSP, HCPC and physiofirst we continue to provide regular COVID-19 updates.

Updated 25th July 2020

From the 15th June, all outpatient appointments require you to wear a facemask, this is continued unless you are attending for Pilates in which case the government has recommended you do not wear a mask when exercising

The physiotherapists continue to wear masks and change them regularly

Patients are offered a ‘virtual first’ option when face to face is not required

If patients are attending the clinic, COVID-19 screening is done at the time of booking. If you develop symptoms between this and your appointment, you must cancel your appointment and follow the governments self isolation guidelines

The correct PPE based on the PHE recommendations. We have facemasks, vizors, aprons and gloves and this is done on a case by case risk assessment

A risk assessment of the working environment has been carried out prior to treatment

There are touch free wall mounted hand gel in all rooms

Patients must use the hand gel on entering and leaving the building

Physiotherapists sanitise their hands before calling a patient in, before touching a patient, after touching a patient, and then as they leave the room

There is a one way system through the clinic

Patients are not to arrive more than 5 minutes before their allocated appointment time

Other people are not permitted into the treatment room with the patient unless utterly necessary for care

Patients are given a plastic box for their belongings which is sanitised in-between each person

There is 10 minutes in-between patient to allow full sanitisation to include: all bed surfaces, chair, table, door handles, IT devices and any equipment used

All towels are laundered professionally and changed between each person